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Get Ready For Divorce Mediation - A Complete 30 Item Checklist
(provided by Crispino M. Pastore, Esq.)

Divorce Mediation requires complete and full disclosure of all information from both spouses in order to be successful. In complex marital estates with many assets and debts, such information can sometimes be voluminous. Believe it or not, many mediation clients will say that the initial document-gathering stage is the least enjoyable part of the mediation process. They report that once they gathered and provided all the documents for their attorney-mediator, the actual sessions ran much more smoothly than they ever could have imagined.

Therefore, putting in more effort, time and preparation up front in gathering all of the pertinent information, will pay huge dividends later on for both you and your spouse when later analyzing your estate with your mediator and together making all those vitally important decisions for your respective futures.

A thorough divorce mediator will usually ask you to provide the following documents and information in advance of your sessions:






Other Related Marital Documents

In sharing, discussing and gathering all this information together at the beginning, you and your spouse will have already laid out all of your cards on the table. This will further solidify a sense of trust towards one another as you head into your sessions. If one of you is feeling dubious about the completeness of the information that the other has provided, you will address this concern at your sessions. Your attorney-mediator will handle it in a way that is fair, non-confrontational, and which considers everyone's point of view.

Finally, remember that if you were litigating your separation or divorce in court, you would each be subject to a very long, costly and tedious discovery process, managed by your respective lawyers, which could take several months, if not years, and possibly require the filing of motions to compel discovery and for sanctions, if some or all of the information requested by either spouse is not provided.

Information provided by:
Crispino M. Pastore, Esq.

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