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Our Divorce Mediation Services & Family Preservation Education Programs

Divorce Mediation Services available through Alpha: *Divorce, Separation, Prenuptial Agreements *Parenting Agreements *Tax Planning & Business Valuations *Child Support, Spousal Support & Alimony *Post Divorce Financial Strategies
In those cases where a marriage cannot be salvaged, divorce mediation, is a more cost effective and healthier way to divorce, providing clients with impartial, balance advice and guidance.
Our services begin with a complimentary hour-long consultation with an attorney mediator who will review all of your important legal and practical concerns. The alternatives of litigation and mediation will be explored.
Those who choose mediation will have the benefit of a talented team of attorneys, accountants, and therapists mediators and often can complete their divorce mediated transition in less than 9 months with less expense. Those who choose a litigated divorce will spend an average of $30,000 and take a painful 2-5 years or more to complete their divorce process. A mediated divorce, as opposed to a litigated divorce, can also significantly lessen the emotional impact on family relations.
Our Marriage Success & New Beginnings Services *Marriage Success *Parenting Strategies *Redefining the Family *Financial Security
To prevent divorce it is important to know that the seeds for divorce are usually planted long before the couples and or partners are aware of them. They continue to ignore these seeds as they take root and grow. It is only when the seeds have grown into weeds that choke the life out of their daily existence that they begin to address them.
Our "InSite" webinar programs encourage people to look at the seeds of divorce and take the necessary steps to keep them from growing. Preservation of the existing family is the goal of these programs.
If a marriage cannot be saved the family will transition into two households and be redefined. Preserving family relationships becomes more difficult but is still very important. Parents, children and extended family members must not be deprived of the foundation that they provide for each other.
To address these challenges, our education programs guide individuals in making a healthy divorce transition and in establishing stable post-divorce lives for themselves and their families.
All of our "InSite" programs are taught by attorneys, therapists, and financial strategist who have vast knowledge in their subject areas.
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