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Cohabitation Is The New Norm for Many

At one time, cohabitation (or “shacking up,” as it was called in another time) –– two unmarried persons living together and usually of the opposite sex–- carried a stigma and was, in fact, illegal in most jurisdictions. No more. In … Continue reading

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Marriage as Metaphor of a Successful Personal Life

According to a professor of sociology at Johns Hopkins, getting married is a “risky proposition, and it’s “surprising how many people still marry.” Andrew J. Cherlin, the author of The Marriage Go-Round, says that, according to demographers, 80 percent of … Continue reading

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Grab the Towel and Dry, Dad

The days when Mother washed the dishes and Father dried them are long gone for most couples, but research suggests that couples who share the chores are happier, particular the wives. After all, “he doesn’t help around the house” is … Continue reading

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Women Find Marital Happiness Elusive

Someone once constructed a hierarchy of happiness. In diminishing order, the happiest people are married men, followed by unmarried women, followed by married women, followed by unmarried men. This is no news to two sociologists, Karyn Loscocco and Susan Walzer … Continue reading

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The Piper Must be Paid: The Mortgage in a Divorce

One of the largest assets a married couple normally own is the marital home, and one of the most important decisions spouses make when they divorce involves the mortgage. For most couples parting ways, a decision about the mortgage must … Continue reading

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Parental Alienation Has Many Causes

According to Dr. Douglas Darnall, parental alienation (PA, as it is called) is one of the most common after effects of divorce. PA diminishes the quality of the parent-child relationship. Dr. Darnall and other family and marriages therapists describe parental … Continue reading

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Childless Stepmoms Feel like Outsiders

According to Mary T. Kelly, a psychotherapist specializing in stepfamily/stepcouple issues, childless stepmoms climb a particularly steep road when they partner with a man who has children. Be easy on yourself and your stepchildren and make conscious efforts to drop … Continue reading

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Social Media and Self Inflicted Wounds Make Divorce Dangerous

Email, text messaging and social media add a new dimension of danger when an ill considered message or posting (usually fired off in a moment of anger) ends up on the record as evidence against a party in a contested … Continue reading

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She Loves Me Not

While the Supreme Court struggles with weighty questions about gay marriage and the Defense of Marriage Act, the attorney general of Washington State moved to enforce that state’s law against discrimination against a florist who claimed that her relationship with … Continue reading

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Gay, Lesbian or Straight – Conflict Is Supposed to Happen

Gay, lesbian or straight – conflict in marriage is normal, but relationship science can make breakups and divorce “a thing of the past.”   That’s the word from Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt, two psychologists who believe incompatibility is … Continue reading

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