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People Living Alone

Many observers believe that Japan, in particular, is becoming  what is called an ohitorisama society, a society of people living alone and unwed. The ohitorisama society is reflected in the very low marriage and birth rates in contemporary Japan. It … Continue reading

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A New Deal in the CARDs

The Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure Act (CARD Act), was passed with strong bipartisan support in 2009. One provision of the CARD Act denied credit cards on the basis of family income, that is, when that income was not … Continue reading

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Child Custody and Smoking: Smokers Lose Again

Cigarette smoking can affect a child custody dispute because courts increasingly favor the nonsmoking parent. In some cases – such as those where a child suffers respiratory difficulties from, for example, asthma – courts have said that smoking constitutes child … Continue reading

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Introducing the Kids is No Easy Task for Second Timers

Not without good reason are second marriages called “the triumph of hope over experience.” While some 50 percent of first marriages crash about eight years after takeoff, the marriages happen during the child bearing years, which means that the second … Continue reading

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In Sickness and in Health, Living Together Apart

LAT is the marital oxymoron for Living Apart Together. LAT relationships are the newest contour in the cultural relief map of marriage and the family. One out of every 10 British adults, according to a study by researchers at Birkbeck … Continue reading

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Discipline in the Blended Family Leaves Nothing to Chance

Writing about her “own personal experiences with a blended family,” Ronnie Tyler said that she and her new husband struggled to achieve a balance when it came to disciplining her two children from a previous relationship. “And at first, it … Continue reading

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First Comes Love, then Comes the Mortgage

A new study by Coldwell Banker suggests that couples in a committed relationship are more likely than their parent to buy a house before getting married. The Coldwell Banker survey comes with a recently released study by the Center for … Continue reading

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China’s “Bare Branches” Leave Men without Wives

They are called China’s “bare branches” – men who cannot find women to marry and have children. They are called “bare branches” — trees without leaves, because for them love, marriage and fatherhood is “just a dream.” There are many … Continue reading

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Unwed Parenthood Accelerating

More than half the women in their early twenties who give birth are unmarried, according to the Census Bureau. Demographers announced that single motherhood, “while on a steady uptick since the 1940s,” increased in recent years, with the rate of … Continue reading

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Throwing out the Small Stuff to Start a New Life

Jennifer Cullen, a writer, describes how she made the transition from married to single by replacing of a lot of small items – the paraphernalia of marriage, so to speak— and in so doing found a way to reflect her … Continue reading

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