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One-Sided Divorce Happens All the Time

Back in the 1960s, when lawmakers in California hammered out what would become known as the nation’s first no-fault divorce law, critics feared the legislation would clear the way for men to abandon wives and children and the responsibilities of … Continue reading

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Divorce and the Homestead – A House is Not a Home

Sometimes when a couple divorce, the marital home, as it is called, is the largest asset the couple divides. The family home, the symbol that, during the happier times, became a metaphor of all the hopes and dreams of a … Continue reading

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Divorce and Bankruptcy – They Can Go Together Like Bacon and Eggs

Sadly, very often divorce and bankruptcy deliver a one-two punch that sends formerly married couples reeling for years. Not only do the parting spouses face the pain and suffering of divorce, which can be one of life’s most stressful events, … Continue reading

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Gambling and Divorce – A Roll of the Dice

Gambling can become an addiction that destroys marriages because like all addictions it becomes clandestine, secretive and requires lying. Deceit destroys a marriage because sooner or later it is revealed. When gambling starts to undermine everyday activities like a job … Continue reading

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Hiring a Divorce Lawyer – The Dumb Question is the One Unasked

Hiring a divorce lawyer can be a very demanding project because so much rides on his or her performance. The telephone directory for any town or city in America shows that there is no shortage of lawyers in the United … Continue reading

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Selecting a Divorce Lawyer – Avoid the Attack Dog

In the legal profession there is a saying that criminal lawyers see bad people at their best, but divorce lawyers see good people at their worst. But very often these good people do stupid things when hiring a divorce lawyer, … Continue reading

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Affair of the Heart – More Damaging than A One-Night Stand

They are called affairs of the heart, and some research says that they are more destructive to a marriage than a one-night stand. In today’s business world, where men and woman work shoulder-to-shoulder in what can easily be the hothouse … Continue reading

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Does Divorce Spell L-A-W-Y-E-R?

Forty years ago divorce and a lawyer came together like chocolate cake and a glass of milk. Hiring a lawyer was the second step in the divorce process after one spouse told the other the marriage is over. That’s no … Continue reading

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Crossing the Line – “I Want a Divorce.”

For most people, one of the biggest hurdles in a divorce is the moment when one spouse tells the other “I want a divorce.” That four-word sentence animates a thought that may have been percolating in the mind and heart … Continue reading

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