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Time and Place is Important in Bankruptcy and Divorce

Filing for bankruptcy in conjunction with a divorce can be very attractive to a couple whose marriage is breaking up because it affords the spouses the chance of “a true fresh start.” Divorcing couples weigh whether to file for bankruptcy … Continue reading

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King Solomon and the Custody Dispute

One of the toughest decisions family court judges must make happens when parent battle for custody of the children. The biblical King Solomon, faced with two mothers who each claimed to be the mother of the same child, had the … Continue reading

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An Amicable Divorce is a Civil Divorce

An amicable divorce is a civil divorce. And a civil divorce is an uncontested divorce. Or, put another way, no contested divorce is amicable, nor civil. A civil divorce is not a love-fest, and it does not mean that the … Continue reading

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Who’s the Father?

As a rule, courts impose biological paternity on a man who has no biological ties to the child when he presents himself to the world as the father of a child. The purpose of this action is to enforce support … Continue reading

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Adultery as a Factor in Support

A spouse who has committed adultery may be entitled to less alimony. If the divorce is in a state with a fault standard, the court may reduce a support awarded when one spouse can prove that the other spouse committed … Continue reading

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Child Relocation Leaves Father Behind

Very often when a custodial mother announces her plans to relocate beyond an easy visitation distance (100 miles or less), the noncustodial father raises the cry, “What about a father’s rights?” Truth be told, the relocation of a child often … Continue reading

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Mediation: Agreement without a Trial

Mediation is not marriage counseling. The mediator is there not to autopsy the failed marriage, nor to try to resuscitate a lifeless one. Care must be taken in hiring a mediator because in some jurisdictions, mediators and mediation are unregulated … Continue reading

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No Remorse After the Affair

Very often after an affair becomes exposed the guilty spouse infuriates the victim spouse by showing no remorse for his or her infidelity. This lack of remorse, which can be an obstacle to reconciliation, mentally and emotionally insulates the perpetrator … Continue reading

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In a Military Divorce, a LES is More

In a military divorce, the two spouses want to see the servicemember’s LES. A LES is the Leave and Earnings Statement. It is a monthly record given  to members of the United States military that documents their pay and leave … Continue reading

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Contested Divorce Vs. Uncontested Divorce

A contested divorce is one where the spouses cannot agree on a least one issue in order to conclusively end their marriage. In others words, they are at odds about the terms and conditions of the property division (its assets … Continue reading

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