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A Father’s Rights When a Stepfather Adopts His Child

A birth father must consent to the adoption of his child by a stepfather. When the adoption happens, the natural father no longer has any rights to the child, but he can prevent the adoption by objecting. A birth father … Continue reading

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Maternal Custody No Longer Automatic

Today, no state automatically requires that a child be awarded to the mother without regard to the fitness of both parents. As recently as 1990, according to the National Center for Health Statistics, courts awarded mothers custody in approximately 72 … Continue reading

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Marrying Young, Cohabiting and Previous Marriages – Three Top Risk Factors

No one can see into the future, but most research now supports what what people have observed for years. The three top risk factors for a divorce are marrying young, cohabiting before marriage and previous marriages. Marrying out of high … Continue reading

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Remedy for a Rough Patch – A Trial Separation

Sometimes when a couple hits a rough patch, they separate and try to decide whether to reconcile or divorce. A trial separation – sometimes now called “a marriage timeout” – may give partners who cannot get along time to clear … Continue reading

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Relocation of the Custodial Parent

The relocation of a child makes custody volatile, particularly when a child is moved a great distance. Relocation is heart-wrenching because if a custodial parent moves to a different state, the noncustodial parent often becomes odd man out. In the … Continue reading

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“Common Usage” Does Not Work Anymore

At one time, someone could change his or her name just by doing it. Name changes relied on what was called “common usage,” a common law rule permitting name changes in conjunction with marriage (or divorce) as along as a … Continue reading

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After a Divorce, Change Insurance Coverage

Normally, a divorce requires that a person review at least four types of insurance – auto, health, life and homeowner’s (or renter’s). When a couple is married, they normally jointly carry these insurances, but after a divorce each former spouse … Continue reading

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Successful Divorce Negotiations Demand Respect

Successful divorce negotiations demand that the spouses treat each other with respect. Negotiating spouses must assert themselves without fighting. They must give and take in the back-and-forth of good faith bargaining. Hard as it may be to refrain from rehashing … Continue reading

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Responsibilities in an Attorney-Client Relationship

The relation between an attorney and client is reciprocal, and it involves responsibilities of each to the other. The attorney’s primary task is to protect the client’s legal rights. Attorneys must use their skills and experience on behalf of their … Continue reading

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A Parenting Plan Makes It Easier

Parenting through and after a divorce can be tough because parents do not have each other to reinforce the protocols of the family. One way to make parenting through a divorce easier is with a parenting plan, which is often … Continue reading

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