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Three Options to Settlement

Divorcing couples have three basic negotiation routes to end the marriage. Depending on the level of trust between the spouses, direct negotiations allow the divorcing couple more control than leaving the final decisions to an arbitrator or a judge. Here … Continue reading

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Do’s and Don’ts of the Lawyer-Client Relationship

Two common missteps lawyers and clients sometimes make are undue intimacy and a loose leash. Sometimes friendships and even romances develop between lawyers and clients. Many lawyers form close personal friendships with former clients. However, because of the intense emotional … Continue reading

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States Required to Withhold for Child Support

All states now have an automatic income withholding program that attaches part of a parent’s wages to pay the child support obligation. The federal Family Support Act requires all states to implement an automatic income withholding program to comply with … Continue reading

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Permanent Alimony Not Common

Permanent alimony is maintenance paid to the lesser-earning spouse until the death of the payor or the death or remarriage of the recipient. Almost always the recipient is a stay-at-home mother who has been out of the workforce for many … Continue reading

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What is an Online Divorce?

Is it real? Is it legit? How in the world can my own computer or my tablet help get me divorced? Let’s take a bottoms-up approach and provide a clear explanation of what an online divorce company actually does.  First, … Continue reading

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Remaining Single after Recovering from Divorce

Many Baby Boomers who divorce appear to be warming to the idea of staying single forever.  Baby Boomers feel less social pressure to marry or stay married than their parents and grandparents did, and being divorced or single later in … Continue reading

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