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The Importance of Paternity

Unwed mothers must establish paternity to take the father to court for child support. Paternity can be established based on a paternity test or with a signed declaration claiming responsibility as the biological parent. An unwed mother has the legal … Continue reading

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The Attorney Client Relationship is Special

The attorney-client relationship enjoys special protection. An attorney, along with a doctor, spouse and priest, is one of the few people who cannot be obligated to testify or reveal information when it would incriminate another. Moreover, an attorney also has … Continue reading

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Rights of an Unwed Mother

In many states, an unmarried mother has sole rights to her child. The unmarried father does not have any rights at all unless he seeks them and establishes paternity. The unmarried mother is considered the child’s only parent; she makes … Continue reading

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Fear – An Obstacle in Negotiation

Sitting down at a bargaining table seems like risky business when fear infiltrates the process. In their book The Divorce Decisions Workbook: A Planning and Action Guide, Marjorie L. Engel and Diana D. Gould identify fear as “perhaps the greatest … Continue reading

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Reimbursement Alimony

Not many people marry a doctor, but a lot of people DO marry medical students. That’s why so many doctors end up paying reimbursement alimony, which is the alimony that a former spouse receives from the other for any expenses … Continue reading

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Divorce Mediation When Couples Agree to Divorce

When both spouses come to an agreement that divorce is inevitable, their decision is now mutual and lends itself to divorce mediation. In mediation, the couple meets with a family law mediator, a neutral party who helps them resolve the … Continue reading

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Making it Work, the Second Time Around

From time to time, former spouses remarry each other, even though statistics are against them (and second marriages in general). According to Psychology Today, “… [A] whopping 60 percent of remarriages fail. And they do so even more quickly; after … Continue reading

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Successful Negotiations Require Trust

Some form of negotiation between spouses is probably the most common route couples use to divorce. Negotiation works best when spouses still have some trust and the power balance is nearly equal. This means both spouses know the marital estate. … Continue reading

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Many Women Become Impoverished After Divorce

That a reduction of income follows a divorce is well documented. After a divorce, women are more likely to be impoverished than men. Those whose family income was below the national median and stay-at-home mothers are very likely to experience … Continue reading

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Affairs Can Cost Money in Divorce

Affairs sometimes lead to negotiated settlements that make marital misconduct very expensive. In no-fault states, where people divorce without having to prove specific reasons the marriage failed, courts don’t consider marital misconduct. Affairs there do not matter much. Financial awards … Continue reading

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