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All States Have Alimony Statutes

All jurisdictions have alimony statues, but these differ both in the type of alimony permitted and in the requirements that must be met to receive it. In every state, therefore, either spouse can request alimony as long as he or … Continue reading

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Divorced “Shrapnel” Hits Parents and Children

A preponderance of evidence demonstrates that the shrapnel from a divorce hits both parents and children.  According to psychologists, divorce diminishes children’s and adult’s psychological well being with difficulties that include “greater unhappiness, less satisfaction with life, weaker sense of … Continue reading

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Uncontested Typically Means Mutual

The division of assets (community and/or marital property), the division of debt, the custody and visitation of any children, the payment of child and/or spousal support -– these four issues are at the center of any divorce. At the onset … Continue reading

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