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Divorce and Public Assistance

Employed mothers who divorce are much less likely to become welfare recipients than unemployed mothers, but a divorce often increases a household’s dependence on government assistance. Anywhere from 17 to 40 percent of mothers with minor children receive welfare benefits, … Continue reading

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Using a Lawyer as a Recovery Therapist

Many times, the pain and suffering of a divorce tempts someone to talk to his or her lawyer about the private demons that are torturing them in the midst of a divorce. The lawyer seems a likely candidate since he … Continue reading

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Alimony is an Insurable Interest

Any type of alimony ceases upon death of the payor; therefore, it is a good idea to include life and/or disability insurance policies in an amount sufficient to replace the alimony. The recipient has what is called “an insurable interest” … Continue reading

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Divorce Predictors – Fights About Money Predict Divorce Rates

The love of money may be the root of all evil, but money – and money-related tensions – raise the risk of divorce. According to Jeffrey Dew at Utah State University, couples who reported disagreeing about finances once a week … Continue reading

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The High Cost of Saying Goodbye

Divorce costs a lot more than most people think. That cost is not just the solely related cost of the divorce (chiefly the expense of lawyers), but also fully allocated (and often extreme) lifestyle changes that happen when the couple … Continue reading

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Second Chances? If There is Doubt

A report called “Second Chances: A Proposal to Reduce Unnecessary Divorce”, which was published by the Institute for American Values, states that it is not uncommon for those who have filed for a divorce to have doubts about the divorce. … Continue reading

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Shoddy settlements Can Impoverish Older Women

Poorly constructed divorce settlements remain a key reason poverty devastates many older divorced women, particularly those who rely on their former husband’s pension. Typically, divorce settlements provide for the division of a pension via a QDRO that gives part of … Continue reading

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Grief Tips When a Marriage Ends

The end of a marriage is never easy, and whatever the reason for it, the breakup of a marriage can turn the whole world upside down and trigger painful and unsettling emotions. The death of a marriage must be grieved, … Continue reading

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