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From Fizzle to Sizzle

According to Penn State researcher Paul Amato, 60% of divorces in the U.S. are from low-conflict couples. Low conflict means these divorces are not characterized by abuse, addiction, repeated infidelity, or even violent arguments; instead they just fizzled. The partners … Continue reading

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What Divorced Couples Regret Most

According to a new survey out of the United Kingdom, divorced couples’ biggest regret is the impact their end of the marriage had on their children. Seddons, a London law practice, surveyed 867 people who had gone through a divorce … Continue reading

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The Second Time Around – With the First Partner

Pamela Anderson recently remarried former husband Rick Salomon. This is Anderson’s second time down the aisle with Salomon. They first said “I do” in Las Vegas in 2007.  They split almost immediately and annulled the marriage in 2008. Remarrying an … Continue reading

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Utah Law Would Require Classes Before Filing for Divorce

A Utah state lawmaker wants to make it tougher for a couple to divorce in the Beehive state. State Rep. Jim Nielson (R) has proposed a measure requiring a married couple to complete a mandatory course before filing for divorce. … Continue reading

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Divorced Parents: The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Children!

A wise man was once asked: What is the greatest gift a parent can give their children? His answer was, “Love your wife!” (Or husband,  I will add.) As a Divorce & Parenting Coach that response had a huge impact … Continue reading

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Adoption and Divorce – Facts and Myths

No adoptive parent envisions a divorce, but divorces do happen in adopted families. A divorce has no effect on an adoption that is finalized. However, a divorce can and often does affect the status of a foster care placement. Once … Continue reading

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Divorce is a Special Challenge for Stay-at-Home Dads

Unemployment is the number one predictor of divorce for men, according to a recent study in the American Journal of Sociology. Even when unhappiness infiltrates a relationship, unemployment appears to be the biggest factor pushing men to end a marriage, … Continue reading

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Financial Concerns the Second Time Around

The decision to remarry can be complicated for the widowed or divorced. Some people back away from remarriage when they realize the difficulties of merging a lifetime of financial decisions, particularly because they do not want to compromise their children’s … Continue reading

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Israeli Court Rules Equality Trumps Child Support

An Israeli family court recently handed down a decision hailed as precedent by campaigners for gender equality in divorce. A Family Court judge in Rishon Letzion ruled that a divorced father will not have to pay child support money to … Continue reading

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Longest State Effort Fails to Reduce Divorce

Oklahoma, which a dozen years ago began what became the largest state marriage initiative in America, has failed to reduce divorces. According to the Tulsa World, Oklahoma has one of the highest divorce rates in the nation, with 13.5 percent … Continue reading

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