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Social Media Should be Avoided During Divorce

Social media is ubiquitous, but anyone going through a divorce is well advised to turn off the cell phone. At the click of a button, social media offers a variety of networking opportunities, but in a divorce every word and … Continue reading

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Money and Divorce

Money is one of the most common stressors in a relationship, and couples that fight regularly about their finances are 30 percent more likely to divorce, according to the study “Examining the Relationship Between Financial Issues and Divorce,” published in … Continue reading

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Divorce and Parenthood

Sadly, parenthood sometimes fractures a marriage because the marital satisfaction of both husband and wife declines after the birth of a child, according to marital researchers. The stress and responsibilities of children can sometimes undermine the foundation of the love … Continue reading

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Financing Woes

The transfer of the marital house can become a mine field of financial woes. They may include: Sometimes the divorce judgment does not specify a date by which the house is to be refinanced, nor what happens in the event … Continue reading

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Coping with Loneliness After a Divorce

Divorce can weave a tapestry of anger, fear, insecurity, bitterness, sadness, and from start to finish, most people must face dark moments of loneliness. Formerly married people, even those leaving bad marriages, miss “the warm body in the bed,” as … Continue reading

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South Dakota Child Custody

South Dakota lawmakers have passed legislation providing a set of guidelines when determining split custody between divorced parents. The bill was unanimously supported in the Senate in a vote last month, and the House of Representatives voted 68-2 in support … Continue reading

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Battling Divorce Depression

For a lot of people who divorce, the aftermath of the breakup includes a bout with the black shadow – depression. In fact, depression should probably be seen as part of the normal pain and suffering that accompanies the breakup … Continue reading

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Divorce Statistics

According to Timothy J. Hammons, who writes about marriage and family in his blog, “The Things that Matter to Timothy,” the divorce rate for those in second marriages is 75 percent, which means that if one or both partners have … Continue reading

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Unplanned Pregnancies Don’t Necessarily Mean Marriage

Cohabitation has become a more common routine for America’s unwed couples who become pregnant. Soon-to-be-released government figures show a shift that is redefining the traditional configuration of family. The “shotgun wedding,” once the object of humor and tongue clicking, slips … Continue reading

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Saving a Marriage

A man and woman who have walked down the aisle with all the high hopes, and made a promise to stay married “’til death do us part” find it hard to imagine divorce. If they can remember what made them … Continue reading

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