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The Telephone and the Lawyer

During a divorce, many people find impossible to stay off the telephone. And today people live on their cellular phones.  According to CTIA-The Wireless Association, over 96% of the population – more than 302 million people – in the United … Continue reading

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A New Way to Come Apart

In a collaborative divorce, a husband and wife end their failed marriage with cooperative techniques rather than adversarial strategies and litigation. Collaborative divorce is a way to end a marriage, if not painlessly, then at least without blood on the … Continue reading

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Relocation Fights

Parental relocation can trigger court fights between the custodial parent who wishes to move and the noncustodial parent who wants to block the relocation. A custodial parent or primary caretaker may have many good reasons to relocate, including marriage, a … Continue reading

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Child Custody Modification

Sometimes, divorced parents want to modify a custody arrangement because the current routine no longer works for either or both of them. The couple must request a child custody modification in court. There are many reasons why a parent may … Continue reading

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Before Filing for Bankruptcy

For some people, bankruptcy and divorce (or divorce and bankruptcy) go hand in hand. Money problems and financial woes contribute to the failure of many marriages, but planning ahead can make a divorce and a bankruptcy less stressful, less complicated … Continue reading

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Moms Can Be Deadbeats, Too

Everyone knows about fathers who fall behind on child support. People call them “deadbeats.” Deadbeat moms may escape the public eye, but they do exist. Even though mothers are more consistently awarded custody of children by the courts, the percent … Continue reading

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House Appraisal in a Divorce

Most states use a system to ensure equitable distribution of property, which attempts to fairly compensate divorcing spouses for their contribution to the marriage. Equitable means fair, and does not necessarily mean a 50-50 split. The divorce distribution generally favors … Continue reading

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End of a Marriage – Failure of Compassion, Rise of Contempt

“Not with a bang, but a whimper,” goes the poem, and that is the way many marriages end.  A whimper, not a bang. The final break is not caused by anger or abuse or infidelity. Most marriages wither and die … Continue reading

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Divorce by Jury

Very few people know that in two states – Georgia and Texas – a divorcing couple can go before a full-blown jury. That’s right. In the Peach State and the Lone Star State, a divorcing couple can have their fate … Continue reading

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