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Pet Custody Cases on the Rise

A poll of 1,500 members of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) indicated that 25 per cent saw an increase in pet custody issues in the past year. While pet custody cases are not an everyday occurrence, far too … Continue reading

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Blunders Hiring a Lawyer

Divorce proceedings can be stressful, emotionally draining and expensive. The decision to divorce, and hiring legal counsel, is likely one of the bigger decisions a person makes in his or her life. Taking your time during hiring avoids costly mistakes, … Continue reading

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Men Raising Other Men’s Children

According to a study from Liverpool John Moores University in the United Kingdom, up to 1 in 25 fathers is unknowingly raising another man’s child. The research, reported in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, is drawn from studies … Continue reading

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Emotional Affairs on the Rise

Emotional affairs, those nonphysical and nonsexual liaisons that so often blossom in the office, are on the rise because people have more opportunities to connect with more people outside of their marriage. Of course, the Internet makes constant connection a … Continue reading

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Balancing Competing Goals

In dealing with dissipation, courts balance the competing goals of preventing dishonest or reckless expenditure of marital funds against reasonable use of marital funds for legitimate purposes. Courts consider the marital asset dissipated if 1) the asset is lost; 2) … Continue reading

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Joint Custody vs. Shared Custody

Joint custody and shared custody both involve the rights and responsibilities that divorced parents have in raising their children. These forms of custody have similar definitions, but they are legally different. Once custody agreements are signed, they are binding; therefore, … Continue reading

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Marriage Counseling Facts

Marriage counseling usually involves the couple and a counselor who may be a psychiatrist, psychologist, counselor or member of the clergy. The training needed for counselor certification varies from state to state. Sometimes the counselor may recommend additional sessions with … Continue reading

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A Stepparent’s Rights After a Divorce

Many stepparents grow very close to their spouse’s children, and some stepparents come to be like parents to their stepchildren. During a divorce, however, stepparents can lose all legal rights to their former spouse’s children. This can result in a … Continue reading

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Divorce Over 50 Can Drain Retirement Savings

Many older Americans who split up will end up dividing retirement accounts at the end of the marriage. People live longer and social mores about divorce have relaxed, says Bari Weinberger, a family lawyer with the Weinberger Law Group in … Continue reading

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The Leaver and the Left

Lee Borden, an Alabama lawyer and commentator about family law and divorce, identifies what he calls the “three divorces” nesting within a marital breakup. They are the legal divorce, the social divorce and the emotional divorce. The legal divorce is … Continue reading

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