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Beware of a Shark in the Water

Some matrimonial lawyers present themselves to clients as legal “sharks,”  hired guns who can make the kill and rip up the opponent’s counsel and the client. A shark promises prospective clients that he will combatively go after the client’s spouse … Continue reading

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The Unwanted Divorce

Coping with an unwanted divorce can be very difficult. Many people facing a divorce not of their choosing find themselves depressed, tearful, and afraid.  Moving on seems like an insurmountable climb. Breakups hurt so much because it is a loss … Continue reading

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The Rules for Parents

Divorced parents do well to remember a few points when they are with their children. Gossiping about the other parent – “badmouthing” him or her – tears the child apart. A child loves both parents. A child does not want … Continue reading

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Unmarried Parenthood

In the United States, the typical unmarried mother is in her 20s, and has a high school education.  She is often in a committed relationship with her child’s father. However, in the United States, about 40 percent of unmarried parents … Continue reading

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The Failure of Second Marriages and Stepfamilies

Children from a previous marriage seem associated with the failures of second marriages, according to a 2002 study by the National Center for Health Statistics (part of the CDC in the USA), which collected information on marital failures. Women who … Continue reading

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Joint and Several Liability

Divorcing couples deal with debt in one of three ways: One, they pay it all off; two, they service it jointly; or three, they divide it and each take a share. While option one may be difficult, it makes for … Continue reading

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Starting a Collaborative Divorce

After both spouses agree to a collaborative divorce, each party chooses a collaborative divorce lawyer who meets with him or her. At this initial meeting, the client reviews his or her concerns and goals.  The lawyer reviews the options and ensures … Continue reading

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Budgeting after Divorce

According to William Donaldson, a certified financial planner and a certified divorce financial analyst, a failure to budget is one of the costly mistakes a person can make in a divorce settlement that can create financial devastation after the divorce. … Continue reading

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Men Get Alimony, Too

More men are seeking alimony because of changing cultural values. When a woman achieves success in the corporate world or her own business, she may be ordered to pay alimony to her former husband, at least temporarily. A stay-at-home dad … Continue reading

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When Not to Use Divorce Mediation

For many couples, divorce mediation is a better route than leaving property and custody decisions up to the judge, but mediation is not the right for everyone. Couples who are seeking separation should not use divorce mediation if: A spouse … Continue reading

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