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The “Right” Age to Marry

“I was too young,” lamented a young woman who married a 30-year-old man when she was 23. “We simply couldn’t make it work. We became different people from who we were when we first met and had a fairly amicable … Continue reading

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Step-Parent Adoption Rights

Step-parent adoptions account for the majority of adoptions in the United States. Requirements must be met; however, they are typically not as invasive as in other adoptions. The best interest of the child controls the procedure along with those of … Continue reading

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Spotting the Cheater

A study out of Florida State University supports the notion that some people can detect infidelity at first glance, but others stay in relationships for years and don’t see what is hidden in plain sight. Strangers were able to identify … Continue reading

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For Love and For Money

A Bridgeport, Connecticut lawyer says, “I’ve seem more divorces over a major remodeling project going over budget than affairs.”  That’s not surprising because research has demonstrated that money battles are a leading cause of divorce. Money disputes were the best … Continue reading

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Dissipation of marital assets – the wasting of money through extravagant spending, gambling or excessive borrowing or fraudulent conveyance to third parties – is the most common form of economic misconduct in divorces. Very often, a spouse contemplating a divorce … Continue reading

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The Amicable Divorce – Divorce Without War

An amicable divorce means an uncontested or no contest divorce. An amicable divorce is not a “friendly” divorce, and make no mistake, “divorce [amicable or otherwise] is many kinds of agony. Amicable ones come with the surprising challenge of having … Continue reading

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Adultery’s Impact on a Divorce Settlement

Today adultery rarely has an impact on the distribution of marital assets – except in cases of dissipation, that is, where one spouse uses marital assets to support the extra-marital relationship (for example, the straying husband who supports his mistress … Continue reading

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