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Working vs. Non-Working Spouses in a Gray Divorce

A late-in-life divorce may be either empowering for a woman or devastating psychologically and financially. In the past, married older women did not earn a substantial, if any, income through work outside the home, so the husband was considered to be the “breadwinner.” … Continue reading

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When Affairs Happen

Infidelity can happen at any time in a marriage but there are certain times and circumstances when the spouses are more at risk. Throughout the life of nearly all marriages, certain events incubate infidelity. After the first year of the … Continue reading

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Step-family Marriage is Stressful

In a national survey of couples creating stepfamilies researchers found that the top three anticipated stumbling blocks for couples related to children and stepfamily stress.  According to Ron L. Deal and David H. Olson, authors of The Remarriage Couple Checkup: … Continue reading

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Individual Retirement Plans

One of the most popular personal, or individual, retirement plans is the IRA. There are several types of IRAs. The traditional IRA permits tax-deductible individual contributions, with certain annual limits, into a savings or investment account. Withdrawals may begin at … Continue reading

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The Tax Implications of Divorce

William Donaldson, a certified financial planner and a certified divorce financial analyst, says in a divorce the failure to remember taxes leads to costly mistakes later. Capital gains, income tax, and alimony are three taxes to remember in divorce negotiations. … Continue reading

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Causes of Infidelity

The causes of infidelity and affairs, online or off, are complex; they are never as simple as the justifications of cheaters to rationalize their behavior. Statements such as, “My wife isn’t interested in me anymore,” “She has gained so much … Continue reading

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Infertility Challenges a Marriage

Infertility can assault a marriages and it is one of the toughest challenges a couple can face. One Danish study suggests that couples who are unable to conceive a child after years of trying are three times more likely to … Continue reading

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Modifying Alimony

After a divorce, the former spouses move on with their lives. After a few years, either party may find the need for alimony modification, either the amount paid or the amount received. Like child support, a change in circumstance of … Continue reading

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Social Media in a Messy Divorce

Some lawyers tell clients going through messy divorces to disconnect from every social media account. It is not hard to figure out why when over three quarters of the attorneys surveyed by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) said … Continue reading

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