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Infidelity Statistics

Almost half of American couples head for divorce after finding out that their partner had an affair, according to Chris Johansen, an expert marriage counselor. Accurate statistics on infidelity, which are hard to come by since most infidelity is secret, … Continue reading

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Narcissistic Personality Disorder in the Family Court System

A divorce from someone who suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) has been likened to inviting the devil himself onto the battlefield. The narcissist appears to be charming, charismatic and endearing to those whom he or she encounters, yet outside … Continue reading

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Five Rules for a Midlife Prenup

A middle aged person going to the altar probably wants to protect his or her assets – and children – with a prenuptial agreement. When a person marries in midlife – whether it’s the first marriage or the fourth – a prenuptial agreement is a good idea because … Continue reading

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Child Custody for Military Families

Courts determine child custody arrangements based on the best interests of the child. Under this regime, courts decide custody issues based on what would serve the child’s overall well being, and many factors are used in the best interests analysis. … Continue reading

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Parental Alienation and High Conflict Divorce

Without question, even during ideal circumstances, the break up of a marriage creates an overwhelming amount of stress. Children are a particular source of concern for divorcing parents who want to make sure that the children move on without any … Continue reading

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Withholding Child Visitation for Missed Child Support

You’ve heard it a million times – in conversations over the water cooler with the guys at work, or a night out with girlfriends as a newly single parent – “Joey’s Mom/Dad hasn’t paid child support in over 3 months! … Continue reading

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Being Smart, Not Going Broke

In a divorce, the states of mind of the spouses can often be the most significant dimension of the entire case. If one or both persons want to make war on the other, efficiency in the case – the chance that it … Continue reading

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Long Distance Parenting – Staying in Touch

When a family is intact, moving, though difficult, isn’t usually dislocating trauma, but when divorce fractures a family, long-distance parenting is one of the most difficult challenges facing divorced parents and their children. The problem happens when parents divorce, and … Continue reading

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