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Marrying Someone With a Ton of Debt

Many younger people now go down the aisle with a load of debt on their shoulders. Student loans can be a crushing burden on those who carry them. Joining lives means combining lives, libraries and living room, but combining debts … Continue reading

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Guardian Ad Litem

A guardian at litem (GAL) represents the interests of infants, the unborn, or incompetent persons in legal actions. A GAL, who is appointed by the court, is an adult legally responsible for protecting the well being and legal interests of … Continue reading

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Substance Abuse and Parenting

Family law courts frequently grapple with the question of substance abuse and its impact on a person’s parenting capabilities because parental alcohol and drug abuse can profoundly damage the lives of children. Parental substance abuse places these youngsters at higher … Continue reading

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Pro Bono Divorce

Lawyers are expensive, and some people cannot afford legal counsel in a divorce. Sometimes the court requires a high-earning spouse to pay the legal fees and expenses of the lower-income partner; however, if this is not the case, the impoverished spouse … Continue reading

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Dealing with Differences in Blended Families

Part of the success of building a blended family happens when the partners – Mom, Dad and their children – can deal with the differences inherent in all stepfamilies. Differences in parenting, discipline, and lifestyle may become more pronounced and can become a source … Continue reading

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Divorce Mistakes

In divorce, the sophisticated client not only works with his or her lawyer but also avoids common mistakes that people make in the storm of a divorce – mistakes that can make a divorce even more difficult and costly. The most common mistake … Continue reading

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A Spouse’s Debts

In a divorce, dividing the marital pie – the assets and liabilities – depends on where the partners file for divorce; whether he or she lives in a community property or equitable distribution state. Assets are divided in half or shared equitably. In the community … Continue reading

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Collaborative Divorce vs. Mediation

The difference between mediation and collaborative practice becomes important when someone tries to decide which process might work better for him or her in a divorce. The intent of both collaboration and mediation is the same and the differences between … Continue reading

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Forgiveness in Marriage

One of the qualities in a healthy marriage is forgiveness. Partners hurt each other, but successful spouses learn to forgive and forget. Forgiveness is an important virtue in a marriage because no one is perfect. Each partner should give the … Continue reading

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Cost of a Lawyer

Lawyers are expensive, and no one can predict the legal fees in a divorce, but prospective clients must understand fees and billing practices to make an informed decision about hiring a lawyer. The client should always understand how he or … Continue reading

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