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Infidelity, Litigation and STDs

A husband goes to China on a business trip, and the wife hopes that he brings her back a gift when he returns. What she receives, however, is not what she wants: she learns that she is on the receiving end of, … Continue reading

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Divorce Can Be Good for Your Health

London-based researchers have found that people who divorce and remarry are no more likely than those who have remained married to have cardiovascular or respiratory health problems in early middle age. Researchers examined the association between trajectories of partnership status … Continue reading

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Multiple Divorces Strain Kids

Parents who marry and divorce more than once can cause problems for their children because the more divorces and remarriages a child lives through, the more likely he or she is to divorce as an adult. “Children who go through … Continue reading

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Why People Stay in Abusive Marriages

Very often people who know someone in an abusive marriage wonder, “Why doe she stay? Why doesn’t she just leave him?” Family and friends struggle to understand what holds someone in a relationship that causes emotional and physical pain. Although … Continue reading

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