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After Unmarried Parents Part

Effective co-parenting among unmarried parents is a “key predictor of children’s behavior problems,” according to Julia S. Goldberg and Marcia J. Carlson of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In their 2013 study “Co-Parenting and Child Wellbeing after Unmarried Parents Part,” Goldberg … Continue reading

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Holding Legal Costs Down

Lawyers charge what the market will bear in order to make a profit from their services, but a client who understands how lawyers bill can hold down costs. Attorneys use standard payment routines that are hourly rates, flat fees, retainers … Continue reading

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Will the Marriage Last?

Everyone hopes for the best as they watch the couple march down the aisle and head to the altar, but many privately wonder, “Will they last?” The conventional wisdom (which is so often wrong) is that half of all marriages … Continue reading

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Men’s Health and Divorce

Divorce takes a great mental and physical toll on men because divorced (as well as unmarried men) are more prone to health problems, drug abuse and depression than married men and have higher rates of mortality, according to research published … Continue reading

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