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Is Divorce Bad for Children?

Researchers have found that only a relatively small percentage of children experience serious problems following divorce or as adults, according to Hal Arkowitz, an associate professor of psychology at the University of Arizona, and Scott O. Lilienfeld is a psychology … Continue reading

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High Conflict Personalities (HCPs)

The majority of high conflict families include at least one person with a personality disorder, which taxes the skills for a divorce practitioner attempting client engagement. Dealing directly with that person would be the most effective way to help a … Continue reading

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Tips for Supervised Visitation

Making supervised visitation a success is up to the parents. The parent must focus on the children. Supervised visitation is not the time to ask about the other parent. This is time with and for the children. A supervised visit … Continue reading

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Divorce Undermines Health

Research at the University of Chicago and Johns Hopkins University suggests that, even after a person remarries, the harmful effects of divorce and widowhood linger causing health problems such as heart disease. “Among the currently married, those who have ever … Continue reading

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New Parents Preventing Divorce

The divorce rate in the United States has been on the decline for 30- years, according to social scientists, but one group of married couples remain at risk: young couples who become parents in the first seven years of their … Continue reading

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Understanding Step-Up Visitation and Parenting Time

Step-up visitation allows for increasing frequency and increments in visitation time as the child gets older. It is often used as a way to slowly introduce a child to a parent he or she is not really familiar with. A … Continue reading

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