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A Foundation for a Blended Family

The blended family (the “yours, mine and ours” as in the Brady Bunch) is the new norm, yet a remarriage – one that brings with it children from a previous marriage – means a tough climb up a steep hill. … Continue reading

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A Child Specialist in a Collaborative Divorce

In many court districts in most of the jurisdictions, divorcing couples with children must take a parenting-divorce course, but in the emotional turmoil of a floundering marriage, a child’s many psychosocial and emotional needs easily escape attention. For this reason, … Continue reading

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Factors in a Successful Marriage

Most couples walk down the aisle expecting to succeed, and very few of them expect that they will join the nearly 50 percent of couples whose marriages end in divorce. The bride and groom look at the grim divorce statistics … Continue reading

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Parent-Child Reunification

Parent-Child Reunification therapy tries to help parents and children explore and rebuild a lost relationship.  Parent-Child Reunification therapy typically requires a court order naming a therapist and specifying the services to be provided.  

As a rule, the therapy begins with … Continue reading

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Perspectives on Same -Sex Parent Families

Marriages by gays and lesbians have produced wide range of family structures challenging legal and social science experts who have yet to come to terms with them. Studies estimate that between one and nine million children in the United States … Continue reading

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Unhappy Marriages Can Get Happier

Linda Waite, a University of Chicago researcher, discovered that 80% of people who rated their marriages “unhappy” in a national survey, when asked five years later, ranked it “happier.” Of the couples that rated their marriages “miserable” (2%), about 77% … Continue reading

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