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Same-Sex Parenting After Divorce

Same-sex partners who are parents are likely to face some difficult challenges because children are involved. The law, both written and practiced, can be very unfair to the separating couple. Making matters even messier, the legal rules change constantly. In … Continue reading

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Grandparents as Primary Caregivers

An increasing number of American grandparents who may have longed to see their grandchildren when they were infants see much more of them than they may have expected when they are children.   Instead of the golden years punctuated by occasional … Continue reading

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Millions Wish They Were Never Married – Living With Regret

Marriage suffocates many people who wish they could hit “rewind” on their lives and step away from the altar. “Buyer’s remorse” plagues people who bring home goods and then want to return them; “marriage misgiving” insures unhappiness when people say … Continue reading

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