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Mediation in Family Law

Mediation is not a formal legal proceeding, but courts may require divorcing spouses to make a good faith effort to at least try out mediation before going to court. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution or (ADR), and … Continue reading

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Commingling Assets in Marriage

In a marriage, commingling happens when money belonging to one spouse is mixed with the funds of the other spouse. In the context of marriage and divorce, commingling refers to instances where separate property is mixed with community property, such … Continue reading

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Remarriage after Divorce

That second trip down the aisle can be very exciting because standing before the altar (again) brings with it all the hope of a new beginning and a fresh start, but remarriage challenges both spouses even in the best of … Continue reading

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Infidelity and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

In “Rx for Infidelity: When Infidelity Has Invaded Your Head, Heart and Sexual Health,” Dr. Sherrie Campbell describes the residual physical, mental and emotional harm that infidelity leaves in a marriage. “Infidelity is on the rise in our culture. Women … Continue reading

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Child Custody Between Unmarried Parents

In deciding custody, unmarried parents face many of the same legal considerations and challenges as married parents as well as some common only to couples that have never wed. In disputed cases, a major consideration is simply whether a party … Continue reading

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Cohabitation Replaces the Shotgun Wedding

Cohabitation is now the most common routine for America’s couples who become pregnant while dating. In fact, the so-called “shotgun wedding” — a hurry-up trip to the altar before a birth — is rapidly becoming a relic in today’s more … Continue reading

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The Modern Day Divorced Dad

The divorced father contributes to his children’s health and well being by maintaining a healthy relationship with his former partner and providing emotional and financial support, monitoring and disciplining his children and being a reliable and loving presence in their … Continue reading

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