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Infidelity and Emotional Affairs

It might begin with a seemingly harmless exchange over the Internet, part of a seemingly innocent friendship in the workplace. Maybe it starts as an uncomplicated thought, some comparison between the wife at home with the kids and the young … Continue reading

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Who Gets the House?

Divorcing couples should not take action about the disposition of the family house until reviewing all the pros and cons of keeping or offloading the house with qualified family law lawyers who can offer a perspective on the legal and … Continue reading

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Models of Blended Families

With more than 30 million children living with a stepparent, blended families now become one of the most common family structures. Unlike the easily solved problems seen on television sitcoms, blended families grapple with problems that can pull them down. … Continue reading

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Custody, Visitation and Divorce: Things to Remember…

There are some things that seem only right when facing a breakup that involves children, particularly when that parting means one parent may be cut off from contact if the strict letter of the law comes into play. In same-sex … Continue reading

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Refinancing the Mortgage

If you’re going through a divorce and want to keep the family home, you will likely have to buy-out your spouse by paying an amount equal to his or her interest in the home. For example, you and your spouse … Continue reading

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Marital Home Foreclosure – Deficiency Judgment

In a divorce, sometimes a house goes into foreclosure during a divorce because the spouses cannot pay the mortgage, and it ends up being sold at foreclosure for less than the amount the spouses owe. This is called a short … Continue reading

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Emotional Divorce Recovery

Research suggests that the emotional recovery from a divorce — particularly the notion that people feel better as soon as they adapt to their new lives — may be more complicated than expected. According to Dr. Richard Lucas at Michigan … Continue reading

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Child Relocation Laws: Good Faith and Best Interests

When a custodial parent relocates with a child, the move upends a sometimes already wobbly child custody situation. Relocation often leaves a struggling child in a long-distance relationship with a parent. Marital breakdown means former spouses go separate ways and … Continue reading

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Domestic Violence, Grave Risk and Best Interest

In dealing with domestic violence, a therapist must have solid knowledge   about the dynamics of domestic violence, particularly the type of violence (emotional, mental or sexual) and the specific risk factors as well as where the couple is in what … Continue reading

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Divorce: Who Leaves, Who is Left?

Usually divorcing spouses start at two very different places when they come to end of their marriage. One is ready to leave; the other is still in love. Rare indeed is the marital breakup where both the husband and wife … Continue reading

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