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The Best Age to Get Married

A new analysis of family data challenges the conventional wisdom that going to the altar as an older person increases the chance of marital success. Dr. Nicholas H. Wolfinger, a sociologist at the University of Utah, suggests that after a … Continue reading

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Bird’s Nest Custody

Bird’s nest custody is a new concept used by some divorcing parents in the hope of causing as little disruption in their child’s life as possible after divorce. In bird’s nest child custody, the child/children remain in the family home … Continue reading

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Violating Custody and Visitation Orders

Many times custodial mothers struggle with noncustodial fathers who violate custody and visitation court orders. About 80 percent of children of divorce are placed primarily in the physical custody of their mother who often faces unequal struggles with a former … Continue reading

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International Child Abduction

International kidnapping, one of the most difficult types of parental abduction, is not new. Two of the survivors of the Titanic — the Navratil children, Michel, 4, and Edmond, 2 — were traveling on Titanic with their father when it … Continue reading

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Divorce and Unhappiness

Unquestionable to the conventional wisdom about divorce is that it at least makes people happier. Yet experience suggests that in divorce, happiness and unhappiness have textures and nuances and subtleties not immediately apparent. People who think divorce solves all their problems often … Continue reading

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Divorce and Bankruptcy

In a desperate bid to avoid financial collapse many floundering homeowners try to save their homes using credit cards to pay daily expenses and, as their situation worsens, even to make mortgage payments. By the time they realize this routine … Continue reading

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