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Determining Parentage in Same Sex Marriage

Obergefell v. Hodges, the landmark 2015  Supreme Court case in which the Court held in a 5–4 decision that same-sex couples the right to marry, leaves in its wake issues regarding the parentage of children of these marriages. With the … Continue reading

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Negotiating a House Buyout at Divorce

When divorcing couples want to minimize the impact on small children, one spouse very often buys out the other spouse and keeps the family house in a divorce. In this routine, the custodial parent buys out the noncustodial parent so … Continue reading

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A Big Rock Means a Rocky Marriage

Diamonds are forever, but a marriage that starts with a lavish ceremony and expensive engagement ring is less likely to succeed. The more spent on an engagement ring and wedding ceremony, the shorter the marriage, according to a September 2014 … Continue reading

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When Marriages Begin As Affairs

Nine defects flaw a second marriage that begins as an affair, according to Dr. Frank Pittman, who is the author of Private Lies: Infidelity and the Betrayal of Intimacy. And a second marriage that begins with infidelity probably will be … Continue reading

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