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Termination of Parental Rights (TPR)

Termination of Parental Rights (TPR) is taking away a parent’s rights and he or she is not legally a child’s parent anymore. When a parent’s rights are terminated, that parent looses all right to visit or even talk with the … Continue reading

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Mending a Marriage After an Affair

An affair doesn’t have to mean a marriage is over. Few marital problems cause as much heartache and devastation as infidelity, which assaults the foundation of marriage itself. However, when both spouses commit to authentic healing, most marriages survive. Many … Continue reading

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How Joint Physical Custody Arrangements Effect Children

Is there an association between joint physical custody and psychosomatic problems in children? In many Western countries, an increasing number of children with separated parents live in a joint physical custody arrangement, that is, live equally (or close there to) … Continue reading

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Custody in the Face of False Abuse Allegations

Often fathers are involved in custody battles where they are falsely accused of child abuse. False accusations against fathers can and sometimes do affect their rights as far as custody is concerned.  It may be confusing to the father why … Continue reading

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Keep Infertility From Ruining Your Marriage

It is next to impossible for infertility to not cause stress on a marriage. Let alone the thought on not being able to have children, you also introduce the added stress of the decision making and medical challenges that a … Continue reading

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Understanding Father’s Rights in Divorce

What is called “fathers’ rights” is movement in the service of the idea that custody decisions should not discriminate against fathers. Support groups, including Fathers for Equal Rights in Miami and Fathers Are Forever in California, provide support for fathers … Continue reading

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Child Informed Mediation

Divorce or separation annually buffets and bruises more than one million children in the United States, so many parents turn to interventions such as family mediation to mitigate the damage. Family mediation has been widely promoted as a better alternative … Continue reading

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Why Second Marriages Tend to Fail

Statistics suggest that a second (or even the third) marriage does not pay off with a ticket to the promised land of marital happiness. Unrealistic expectations of a blended family break up many second and third marriages. Marriages freighted with … Continue reading

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Recipe For a Happy Marriage

Research shows most people’s happiness eventually returns to their natural baseline, even after very positive events like a wedding or the birth of child. Happiness lies within the individual. Expecting a spouse to change that forever is unrealistic and unfair. … Continue reading

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