A Parenting Plan Makes It Easier

Parenting through and after a divorce can be tough because parents do not have each other to reinforce the protocols of the family.

One way to make parenting through a divorce easier is with a parenting plan, which is often part of the separation agreement and which sets out a specific schedule for the children and the parents. The plan outlines the who, when and where of visitation and living arrangements for children during and after the divorce.

A good parenting plan is flexible enough to bend and give but not so weak as to break. Writing the plan gives separating and divorcing parents an opportunity to work together and come up with protocols, routines and regimes for successful co-parenting. Preparing the plan before there is a separation, while both parents are still living in the home, reduces the chaos or confusion when a parent moves out of the home.

A parenting plan spells out how the spouses and children live after the divorce. It is more of a life plan than parenting plan. A good parenting plan can make life easier for both divorced parents and children

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