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The Divorce Source, Inc. Editorial Staff consists of a team of divorce experts who are responsible for the ever so valuable content that is delivered through the Divorce Source Network. The members of the editorial team share the company's "passion for a better divorce" philosophy by providing as much divorce related information, products and services to help those who are contemplating or experiencing divorce.

More to Deadbeat Dads Than Just Not Paying

Is it believed that the decline in marriage, increase in the divorce rate, and the acceptance of out-of-wedlock births as reasons why many divorced fathers do not play a prominent role in their children’s lives. Former husbands, on the other … Continue reading

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Why Mothers Can Lose Custody

Statistics show that many fathers have a 50-50 chance of being award child custody of their children in a divorce case. Custody laws are supposed to be gender neutral and many courts a living up to the rules, and this … Continue reading

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Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement, antenuptial agreement, or premarital agreement, (commonly abbreviated to prenup) is a contract entered into prior to marriage, civil union or any other agreement prior to the main agreement of partners intending to marry. The content of a … Continue reading

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Property and Debt in a Divorce

Liability for a spouse’s debts depends on whether the divorce happens in a community property or equitable distribution state. In the ten states with community property rules, both spouses are responsible for most debts incurred by one spouse during the … Continue reading

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Things to Remember – Make Yourself a Checklist

Divorce is never easy, quick or painless, but you can make your divorce easier, less lengthy and alleviate as much pain as possible by making sure you avoid very common mistakes. If you are contemplating divorce, make a checklist, write … Continue reading

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Foreclosure During Divorce

The couple going through a foreclosure at the same time they are going through a divorce should be aware of a number of issues that may arise. The divorcing spouses need to determine 1) who is responsible for the mortgage, … Continue reading

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Mending a Marriage After an Affair

An affair doesn’t have to mean a marriage is over. Few marital problems cause as much heartache and devastation as infidelity, which assaults the foundation of marriage itself. However, when both spouses commit to authentic healing, most marriages survive. Many … Continue reading

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Children of Divorce Parents

Marriage is a unique relationship. It is both an emotional commitment and a legal one, and the only intimate relationship of equals. These special characteristics make marriage so fulfilling and so scary at the same time. All marriages face the … Continue reading

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Child Informed Mediation

Divorce or separation annually buffets and bruises more than one million children in the United States, so many parents turn to interventions such as family mediation to mitigate the damage. Family mediation has been widely promoted as a better alternative … Continue reading

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Letting Go of A Marriage

In the midst of a divorce, the spouse who is left often feels powerless. He or she must work at letting go of a marriage while still bonded, sometimes very deeply, to a person who has caused more pain and … Continue reading

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