Choosing Collaborative Divorce: A More Gentle Climb

Collaborative divorce is a form of alternative divorce resolution that makes the steep climb of any divorce at little more gentle, but divorcing spouses should remember than lawyers are still involved.

Collaborative law, unlike mediation and arbitration, requires trained legal counsel, but has much small court costs. A collaborative divorce can be achieved for $2,000 to $3,000, compared to a litigated divorce that costs $20,000 or more.However, spouses intending to divorce collaboratively should remember that not every family law attorney practices collaborative law. Collaborative law requires that the lawyer be trained in “non-combative resolution techniques.”

As part of collaborative law regime, the spouses and the attorneys sign a binding agreement that stipulates that in the even the collaboration breaks down, neither spouse may retain the same lawyer in going to court. This agreement provides an incentive for the parties to “to work hard at ‘working it out.’”

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