Coping with Loneliness After a Divorce

Divorce can weave a tapestry of anger, fear, insecurity, bitterness, sadness, and from start to finish, most people must face dark moments of loneliness. Formerly married people, even those leaving bad marriages, miss “the warm body in the bed,” as they say. A reiteration of the single lifestyle requires an adjustment, and many divorced people do not like it. A vast majority of newly divorced people suffer feelings of emptiness and sadness, which can feed loneliness.

People can deal with loneliness best when they can separate “feeling lonely” and “being alone.” A person can “feel lonely in a crowd” and “be completely happy alone.”

No one going through or recovering from a divorce can put life on hold. A person rebounding from a divorce can learn to make good use of the time alone. As Ernest Hemingway said, “Loneliness can be a very productive thing.”

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