Discovering an Affair

Affairs are one of the most heart-wrenching experiences a married couple endures. They devastate marriages, but if both partners are serious about reconciliation, it is possible to restore the marriage.

An affair devastates a marriage because it shakes the foundations of trust built by the spouses. Some people confront a spouse about an affair immediately, but for the most part coming to terms with suspicions takes time. Many spouses, on discovering an affair, suppress their awareness hoping that the episode passes.

When a spouse discovers his or her partner has been unfaithful, the victim should consider carefully actions or decisions. Nothing should be done at all until the victim spouse has decided what is in his or her best interests. This means identifying and setting goals, and leaving open options. A serious problem does not need to become a disaster.

A visit to an attorney is almost certainly in order, so he or she can educate himself or herself about options.  Hard as it may be, now is the time to manage anger and rage, and powerful emotions should not overwhelm reason.

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