Divorce Announcement Via Social Media

Actress Jacqueline Buckingham, who is known to be flashy and flamboyant, last week announced the end of her marriage to former Indianapolis Museum of Art CEO Maxwell Anderson via the social media. Buckingham plastered the news of their breakup on her blog, via Facebook and Twitter (where she keeps tabs just two people: former husband Maxwell and French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier).

“Hey, we r splitting up #lifenews #divorcing #wantedyoutoknow.” All trillion of you on Twitter.”

“Hey, we r splitting up #lifenews #divorcing #wantedyoutoknow.” All trillion of you on Twitter.”

Of course the method of the announcement made as much news itself. Is it really appropriate, some may have asked, to announce a divorce via social media?

Ms. Buckingham thought so. Here is her message to a world that was all ears:

“Hey, we r splitting up #lifenews #divorcing #wantedyoutoknow.” All trillion of you on Twitter.”

Facebook status: “Getting a divorce.” No longer in a relationship. Share if you want. Or comment on how sorry you feel for us.”

“Divorce in our culture usually connotes failure and shame,” she wrote in an email to the Indianapolis Star. “And I believe it to be a worthy mission to disavow that negativity. When something like this happens, generally, people don’t know how to react. In sharing our news together, we sought to communicate clearly with the people in our lives.”

Of course the jury is still out, but many people said they see a social media divorce announcement as a way to tell the story as they want it told.

That’s what Buckingham said. She wanted the divorce to be seen as a positive thing.

The message also announced that Ms Buckingham “is working on a book on this positive approach to evolving relationships and her own divorce process titled “Separating into Wholeness: Revolutionary Relationships & Evolutionary Families.”

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