Divorce Statistics

According to Timothy J. Hammons, who writes about marriage and family in his blog, “The Things that Matter to Timothy,” the divorce rate for those in second marriages is 75 percent, which means that if one or both partners have been married before, more than likely the marriage will falter. Many times, divorced people marry too fast and rush into another relationship without dealing with their first failed marriage, so that the problems that led to the first divorce contribute to the second marital failure.

Counselors and psychologists recommend that for every five years of marriage, a person wait at least one year before getting married again. That means the partners in a failed 10-year marriage should wait about 2 1/2 years before they reenter the marital pool. The odds get worse for third and fourth trips to the altar. The statistics for those in third marriages is a whopping 85 percent failure rate. And those going into fourth marriages have about a 5 percent chance of the marriage surviving.

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