Four Tips for Relocation

Even under the best of circumstances, child relocation is a facet of custody that can devour the divorced parents.

Parents who can come to an agreement about the terms and conditions of the relocation of a child are usually happier with the outcome because they played an active role in the decision. They do not need an attorney to craft a stipulation, and they know their child best and can come to a better decision about the child’s move than a judge.

As in the case of custody disputes, mediators can help parents fashion the outcome of a relocation dispute. Mediators are often retired attorneys who help both parties work out an agreement by a give-and-take principle. Parties in mediation realize that they must give a little to get a little and the spirit of compromise is what makes mediation work. In the event that a party is unable to come to agreements, mediators can be very useful when parents hit a stalemate.

Parents can sometimes work best by seeking a modification of existing court orders. For example, a custody order might be modified to give the noncustodial parent a longer block of summer visitation when the custodial parent moves far away.

And when relocation of a child adds stress to the life of the noncustodial parent, he or she should consider individual counseling. Relocation of a child may cause grief in the life of the parent left behind. Some of the anxiety or stress stems from the fact that the person left behind is actually still grieving the loss of the relationship. The noncustodial parent may find it wise to seek out private counseling to work through some of these issues to prevent an impact on the children.

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