Gay, Lesbian or Straight – Conflict Is Supposed to Happen

Gay, lesbian or straight – conflict in marriage is normal, but relationship science can make breakups and divorce “a thing of the past.”

That’s the word from Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt, two psychologists who believe incompatibility is actually grounds for a great marriage. Dr. Hendrix and Dr. Hunt are the authors of Making Marriage Simple: Ten Truths for Changing the Relationship You Have into the One You Want.

While most people consider incompatibility grounds for throwing in the sponge, Dr. Hendrix and Dr. Hunt say no. “Conflict is growth trying to happen,” say the doctors, who claim their observations about relationships – gay, lesbian or straight – are the key to a satisfying relationship.  A few years ago, Dr. Hendrix and Dr. Hunt, husband and wife, found themselves on the brink of divorce, but back from the abyss by applying exercises they had taught others.

They’ve distilled their research in the marriage laboratory and their own experience to produce Making Marriage Simple.

The two doctors suggest that human relationships are paradoxical. For example, the thesis of Making Marriage Simple is “Incompatibility is grounds for a marriage.” In each chapter, they develop “a simple truth,” such as “a frustration is a wish in disguise,” and then walk couples through easy yet effective exercises to help them apply each truth in real life, every day.

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