Marriage Is an Eye Opener

According to the, which is a website of the Indian Hindu language newspaper Dainik Bhaskar, “Marriage is an eye opener, with many things changing. Sometimes, our near and dear ones would tell us things about marriage that does not really exist.”

Here are five observations about marriage that show just how universal the elements of matrimony are:

  • The mother-in-law is not always a problem. Mother-in-laws are the object of many jokes and wisecracks, but “the truth remains that not all mother-in-laws are demanding, most are actually understanding and comforting.”
  • Married sex is more frequent. Though some couples have more and some less, many studies show “married people have better sex due to a strong physical and emotional bond.”
  • Knowing each other well before marriage insures a great life after marriage. “Many studies indicate that live-in relationships lead to less gratifying marriages and have a higher chance of breaking up.”
  • Children insure a good marriage. “Couples are often advised by elders to enter parenthood early since they believe that the responsibility of raising a baby together will help the couple bond well in their marriage. Also, according to studies childless couples have a higher rate of divorce than those having kids. Also sometimes, a child becomes an unwelcome additional responsibility.”
  • Both partners may have to work.

There are universal thoughts on marriage. Here are some myths that are pretty universal about divorce.


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