Midlife Crisis and Divorce

In the grip of a midlife crisis, many people divorce because they’re unhappy and struggle to escape. Some believe that they have tried everything to get the marriage back on track, and many fail in their efforts to fix their marriages.

People often make bad decisions in a midlife crisis, particularly when angry and resentful at a spouse. Doubt about the love of and for a spouse and resentment over the marriage – that feeling of being tied down and trapped – coupled with a desire for a new passionate and intimate relationship make a midlife crisis particularly dangerous for a matured marriage. Whether it’s quitting a job or leaving a partner, venting destructive impulses and fantasies seldom improve life, even though it promises freedom.

Many people believe, incorrectly, that divorce will relieve them of their pain and suffering. Sadly, they discover that the divorce often creates additional problems and that the marriage was far better than the divorce. In the grip of midlife crisis it is easy to make irrational decisions regretted later.

Reasonable caution prevents pain for everyone involved. Most men and woman go through the same stages during the midlife crisis – shock, denial, depression, anger, and acceptance. Some will process through these stages smoothly. Some move back and forth between stages until they work their way through the crisis. Anyone who goes through a midlife crisis experiences an internal change that can end either well or poorly because any crisis is an opportunity for growth.

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