More to Deadbeat Dads Than Just Not Paying

Is it believed that the decline in marriage, increase in the divorce rate, and the acceptance of out-of-wedlock births as reasons why many divorced fathers do not play a prominent role in their children’s lives. Former husbands, on the other hand, often blame the former wife’s anger, continued conflict over child support, maternal bias in courts, stepfathers usurping their role, remarriage and relocation of the custodial mothers for raising barriers to involvement with their children.

Nevertheless, “Deadbeat Dads”– fathers who do not pay child support – are marked as pariahs who remain deeply loathed by society — the fully-grown man, who, having had his fun, abandons his financial responsibilities for his child. The numbers of fathers who pay little or no child support has always been staggering. In most recent years approximately 60% of child support has been paid to the receiving spouse, most of which is paid by fathers.

A significant correlation exists between a fathers’ amount of contact with his children and the payment of child support. It is found that the more active a father is in the role of rearing his child post divorce, the more likely he will continue to support his child financially. The tough part is, the option or willingness, to participate in a child’s life. The emotional side of the divorce can overwhelm the opportunities to effectively co-parent after a divorce. Without successful co-parenting the hopes of child support being paid lessens. Unfortunately in many situations the loss of the companionship of a father is compounded by the loss of financial support, which is a double hit all divorced parents need to try to avoid.

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