Rebounding After Divorce – It’s about Time

After the end of marriage, a person usually feels ready to start dating again. Some people worry about jumping into a rebound relationship, but are not sure how to avoid it or even what to look for. A good rule of thumb is to think of a lost marriage in terms of grief, and make sure to overcome the emotional steps of dealing with loss before entering a new relationship. In this metaphor, the failed marriage is a wound that must heal just as much as an actual cut would.

A romantic relationship after a serious one has ended is called a rebound. A rebound benefits someone coming out of a divorce because it’s often hard to start dating after a serious or even long-term relationship and even more so after a marriage. Going from married to single is an enormous change because very often self-esteem becomes bruised. A person wonders how to date and worries about being attractive, so the rebound can help bolster self-esteem and self-confidence.

A rebound can help someone get over his or her former partner, but there are pitfalls.

Sometimes people expect a new love interest to make up for the shortcomings of a former partner. People look for the “knight in shining armor.” It most often occurs with women but can happen with men as well. Projecting the old relationship onto the new one is unfair to the new person and causes a rift if it persists. A person must deal with his or her emotions and heal before moving on in a new, healthy relationship.

Dating can help, but a person needs to evaluate how he or she feels and what this new person means. Time is very important, so both people must be clear from the get-go about expectations.

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