Same-Sex Divorce

About 1 percent of the total number of currently married or registered gay couples get divorced each year, according to a survey by the Williams Institute. By comparison about 2 percent of the total number of married straight couples divorce each year. (The percentage of couples that divorce eventually is close to 50%, but only 1% or 2% of them gets divorced in any particular year.)

According to the Williams Institute of the University of California School of Law, the number of gay marriages was published for the first time in the 2010 census. The survey also revealed that:

  • Almost 150,000 same-sex couples are either married or registered in civil unions or domestic partnerships. This constitutes about one-fifth of same-sex couples in the United States (or rather, a fifth of those who acknowledged themselves as such in recent United States Census reports).
  • Couples are more likely to legally formalize their relationship when marriage is an option, as opposed to a marriage-equivalent domestic partnership or civil union registration in states where only those options are allowed.
  • Nearly two-thirds of registered or married same-sex couples are lesbians, and only about a third are gay men.
  • A smaller percentage of same-sex couples register or marry in comparison to straight couples, but if current trends continue the marriage/registration rates will be similar in about ten years.

With gay marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnerships comes gay divorce.  As couples gain legal access to the marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships, there will be some who want to end these unions.

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