Selecting a Divorce Lawyer – Avoid the Attack Dog

In the legal profession there is a saying that criminal lawyers see bad people at their best, but divorce lawyers see good people at their worst.

But very often these good people do stupid things when hiring a divorce lawyer, and one of those things is hiring an attack-dog lawyer.

Very often, when people hire a divorce lawyer, it is the first time in their lives that they have retained legal counsel. Moreover, when people retain a divorce lawyer, very often their emotions are in shreds, or, worse, they are angry and hurt. These people are at risk of hiring a lawyer who promises to take charge and get even for them.

In a divorce action, good lawyers know that they can protect their clients without destroying the opposition. Good lawyers also know that in a divorce every dollar spent on legal bills is one less dollar that the formerly married couple will now need when they begin their new lives as single people.

Every county bar association in America has attack-dog lawyers, lawyers who have made a reputation for their go-for-the-throat aggression in divorces. The attack-dog is the lawyer who promises to destroy the opponent. Some specialize in representing men against their wives; others take only woman against their husbands. Both types can leave a trail of wreckage.

Where attack-dogs do the most damage is in the aftermath when the spouses are now divorced parents trying to raise their children.

A good divorce lawyer argues against foolish maneuvers that his or her client will later regret because the attorney knows that the damage that can be done in a divorce can last a lifetime.

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