Single or Joint Counseling for Marriage Problems

Some couples learn to deal with marital problems in counseling.

Therapists sometimes recommend individual therapy in addition to couples counseling, particularly when either partner feels the need of additional therapy, which should be mentioned to the marriage counselor. Counselors and therapists stress that each situation is unique, and therapy depends on the problems of the marriage.

In some instances, both partners do not agree to try counseling. In this instance, the partner wanting to seek therapy should speak with a counselor on her or his own. If couples are unable to communicate without anger, individual counseling may be the first step toward couples therapy.

Couples therapy is sometimes the only type of therapy required for married couples as long as both partners cooperate. This typically holds true for couples who have communication problems after a lengthy relationship or need to just “get back on track.”

Some married couples experience major disruptions in their marriage as a result of severe substance abuse or chronic infidelity. In these instances, a spouse may require individual therapy to deal with the root problem in addition to marriage counseling.?? Married partners should suggest consulting in a careful, calm manner when a spouse is receptive to the idea and practice of counseling and therapy. Sometimes one spouse is receptive to counseling while the other is not.

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