Smoking and Drinking Increase Divorce Risks

According to the Coalition for Marriage, Family and Couples Education, smoking and drinking may increase the risk of a divorce. Based on research by Anneli Rufus, an author and journalist who explored the factors that indicate a couple is headed for a divorce, smokers and drinkers run higher divorce risks.

When one partner smokes, the chance of divorce nearly doubles. If both partners smoke, the chance of divorce is nearly 2.4 times greater than if neither smokes. When either partner drinks more than two drinks per day, the chances of divorce are higher. If both drink three or more daily, they have nearly twice the risk of divorce than if neither individual drinks to excess.

Smoking and drinking often go hand-in-hand; that is, people who smoke also drink and people who drink also smoke. One theory is that smokers tend to be less risk averse, and they are more likely to end a marriage. Smokers are also more likely to be poorer, and pooper people tend to be at higher risk for an unstable marriage. As for the drinking, heavy drinkers may not choose good mates, and alcohol often gets in the way of being a good spouse.

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