The Unwanted Divorce

Coping with an unwanted divorce can be very difficult. Many people facing a divorce not of their choosing find themselves depressed, tearful, and afraid.  Moving on seems like an insurmountable climb.

Breakups hurt so much because it is a loss not just of the relationship, but also of shared dreams and commitments. Marriages begin on a high note of excitement and hope. When these relationships fail, profound disappointment, stress, and grief are inescapable.

In a divorce, everything is disrupted: routines and responsibilities, home life, relationships with extended family and friends, and even a person’s identity. Where once life may have seemed to have knowns now the horizon is a minefield of uncertainties. Sometimes the unknowns often seem worse than the unhappy marriage.

Recovering from a breakup or divorce is difficult. So it is important to keep trying. Getting over a divorce to the point where there is life after a failed marriage takes time and patience.

The old adage, “Time heals all wounds” is only partly true. Time does heal some wounds, but many wounds from an unwanted divorce never heal. However, time does lessen the sting, and with time, the flood of memories and regrets happens less frequently. Grief and grieving are important.

Many recently divorced people find that mutual friends they had while married drift away. During a breakup a person needs good friends more than ever.

Tough as it may seem, some people celebrate the single life when moving on from a failed marriage. A person recovering from a failed marriage should brace for a year or so of living alone. Rebound relationships usually become dead end streets that are not good for either person involved. Therapists generally recommend waiting at least a year to work through the issues associated with divorce before getting involved with someone else.

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