Think Uncontested, No-fault Divorce

People contemplating a divorce walk two paths. One is the private emotional path that may take years to cover; the other is the practical path of the legal divorce.

Someone contemplating a divorce should first ask whether or not he or she can negotiate a simple uncontested divorce. All 51 jurisdictions now recognize uncontested, no-fault divorces, and going this route makes a divorce, which is always emotionally painful, at least much less difficult financially.  Even when the divorce involves the division of a large estate and there have minor children, an uncontested no-fault divorce makes the process much easier. This is true even if the parties each need a divorce attorney to untangle everything.

A spouse contemplating divorce should become familiar with the laws of his or her state. Some jurisdictions make getting an uncontested divorce very easy, particularly when there are no minor children involved, but some states make divorce far more difficult. A pro se divorce saves money but obtaining a divorce without an attorney only works when both spouses cooperate and neither spouse becomes adversarial.

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