Using a Lawyer as a Recovery Therapist

Many times, the pain and suffering of a divorce tempts someone to talk to his or her lawyer about the private demons that are torturing them in the midst of a divorce. The lawyer seems a likely candidate since he or she becomes privy to the intimate details of the marriage.

Divorce negotiations are not the place to effect divorce recovery. A lawyer is not trained to help with emotional issues, such as anger, rage and depression.

Many people undertaking a divorce believe that their divorce attorney only has their best interests at heart, and that this means he or she doubles as therapist, rabbi, minister, or priest in dealing with the pain of a divorce. This is not the case. A divorce attorney is not a therapist and cannot resolve emotional and psychological issues, and he or she is not going to be able to help a client recover from divorce or the failure of a marriage.

Unless delay is an element in the divorce strategy (and this can be the case in complex contested divorces), the lawyer’s job is to get the marital dissolution case over as quickly as the system permits. A divorce client floundering emotionally needs a therapist, rabbi, minister, or priest.

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